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illumine productions wendy hainesIllumine Entertainment was created to exist in harmony with Illumine Education.  While Illumine Education looks to support end empower the highest vision for people in their lives and careers. Illumine Entertainment aims to utilize the medium of film, the power of story and the art of collaboration, to affect positive change in the world.

As the Education branch thrives, it fuels the production of films through Illumine Entertainment.


Way ahead of our envisioned schedule, Illumine Entertainment created its first project, “Beyond the Bridge.” Wendy Haines and Stephen Twardokus co-wrote this dramatic short. With the incredible direction of Scott Cervine, the shoot took place in a record two days with a fantastic and visionary cast and crew. Post production was complete within six months and we were in our fist film festival within 10 months of our shoot dates. It was a flurry of fun, learning and collaboration. We were shocked and thrilled to win Best Mystery/Suspense Short at the Hollywood HD/DV Film Festival, our first fest!


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A brother and his deceased sister courageously bridge worlds and their past and discover a key to opening the door to a new future.

Danny is 27 and successful by worldly standards but he's at the end of his rope.  Tired of living his miserable life, Danny is on the verge of walking in the same footsteps as his deceased sister, Cassie.  She checked out at the tender age of 13.  A remarkable phenomenon in his final moments, turns the tide.  Cassie steps beyond the impossible to bridge the worlds between them.  Though inconceivable, these siblings find themselves face to face.  As they step through the secret door to the past they once shared, truths are unveiled.  What unfolds are the challenging first steps of walking on the hidden ground of an abusive past.  But together they discover the key to unlocking an entirely new future.  This is a film about siblings and the blood that binds them.  It is about building bridges, courage and the power of choice.  This is a film about the new possibilities that are born only through the power of truth and the willingness to step beyond anger and regret.  This is a film about going beyond victimization to pioneer a new path of forgiveness.  It will draw you in and leave you pondering the complexity of healing the past in a way rarely seen in films.  Step through the secret door with Danny and Cassie and witness their courage as they forge a new tomorrow.


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