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A bona fide leader in Success Leadership.  Wendy will illumine your soul and transform your path to success with great enthusiasm and expertise.  Give yourself a magnificent GIFT and TAKE her Goals and Success Workshop.  IN A WORD... Awesome!
Paul Ryan - TV Host/Producer/Coach

Was she really all that?

Who wants to give up a Sunday and sit in a room with Wendy Haines? I surely did not. Come on, what was going to be so great?  So many people have worked with her and had amazing results‚ so I decided to spend last Sunday with her. You all know I say how it is…  So I went in with the 'What can you teach me that I don't already know?' and sat near a group of people who I knew, but never told me they were going to be there. Oh. I need to also tell you -- I had back up plans because I was going to check things out, and would leave at lunch.

Well, let me tell you about a Sunday with Wendy. She is the real deal. She has found a way to ignite your life from Career to Family and Finances. The way she has created her workshop and the style of how she teaches the information, was AMAZING.  I did not leave at lunch and was bummed it was over at 6. Yep.  I did stay the whole day and will tell you -- the people in the room were all very educated people from actors to fund raisers and other types of professionals. IT IS NOT JUST FOR ACTORS-IT'S FOR YOU!

I would touch on much of what Wendy has to say in my workshops, but that would take up time on camera.  SO, I am going to teach just the on camera class and it will be up to each person to spend a day with Wendy and find out how to really take hold of your life and receive all you want.  It's possible.  If you do not take her workshop you're missing a great opportunity. I loved her and I know you will as well.  You really owe it to yourself.

Stuart Stone - Casting Director, www.StoneCasting.TV

Thank you for such a lively and passionate delivery… your students leave with a vision and also great tools for applying them.

Dallas Travers - Coach, Creator of Sage Creative Inc

Wendy continues to be awesome, inspiring, uplifting and dynamic.  This is my second Goals and Success Workshop; and if I have the year I had last year, it will blow me away! 

I shall say, not 'if' but when I have another amazing year, I will again have Wendy to thank for making the seemingly 'impossible' - totally possible.  Thank you for showing me how to reach for the stars and land lovingly, gently on the moon!

Elaine Hal - Educator, Writer, Acting coach,, 'Autism: The Musical'

Just reviewed the work from your Success Workshop and I must say it is one
of the most powerful tools I've used to date.  Since finishing your course,
I have shot four more of my own short films and have been hired to direct & edit
two others.  I've also received world wide distribution on two of my most recent
films.  You certainly ignited me!  1000 Thanks.

Scott Cervine - Movies from the Heart

You are dynamic, and accessible; amazing and smart.  Cool!  Clear! Fun!  Empowering!

Sarah Bell - Actor/NYC and LA, Yoga Teacher

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