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'Ignite Your Career' is really about igniting your life!  I loved the ways you conveyed such a huge message -- that we all can be, do or have whatever we desire.  The day was chock full of information; a very powerful day which will have a big impact on my life!

Carey Peters - Actress, Holistic Nutrition Counselor

Wendy is a phenomenal motivational speaker, who walks the walk and talks the talk.  Her ability to convey and share her techniques toward building success and create goals with a game plan truly ignites the flame under one's butt.  Wendy is an inspirational treat, a gift not to be missed!

Glorinda Marie, Actress

The Goals and Success Workshop was empowering and fun.  I am leaving with useful tools to begin manifesting more in my life and career.  Good handouts, good exercises.

Dee Wallace - Actor/Healer/Author

The format for the workshop is awesome.  It is all well thought out and planned to the minute.  The energy never drops.  The amount of lecture is balanced perfectly with the exercises and declarations.  Wendy - you're a joy and an absolute enthusiast!

Valerie Lippincott - Actor

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  Your seminar gave me lots of new techniques for my toolbox in order to help myself as a healthcare provider and healer; as well as share with my patients to assist their own path to vibrant health.

Dr. Patricia M. Felici - Dr. of Alternative Medicine, Dr. of Clinical Nutrition,

Wendy's positivity and clarity of vision are inspiring!  I am excited and enthusiastic to make meaningful changes in my thinking and behavior which will take the ceiling off what is possible in all facets of my life!

Adam Kulbersh - Actor

I needed to crystallize my thinking and get 'unstuck.' Your workshop gave the vocabulary and tools to use to pursue my lifelong dream once again.  I would highly recommend your educational, fun and inspiring workshop.

Janice Kent - Actress, Coach

I came to your Ignite Your Career workshop in December 2006, thinking it impossible to book 10 national commercials in one year.  A year later, I can tell you the impossible came true!  I did it! friends are aghast!

This workshop, October 2007, was profound for me because I experienced it on a whole new level -- got it into my bones a bit more...  For the first time in 20 years, I make my sole living by acting.

Barbara Bragg - Actress, Voice Teacher

Your September workshop helped me tremendously, by introducing me to more concise, easy-to-follow ways of putting these positive methods into everyday practice.  And… I'm glad I took it again today in order for everything you teach to be reinforced. 

I will continue to incorporate your teachings into my life so that I can find even more inner peace, continue to grow, and achieve bigger successes in my profession, finances and personal life.

Hira Ambrosino - Actor

I thought I was doing the Goals and Success Workshop as research for my book, but I became inspired and motivated…  This workshop will bring you a doable personal plan to help you achieve your dreams.  Wendy's work is life changing.  I can't endorse it enough.

- Judy Kerr, Actress/Author, 'Acting is Everything'

Wendy has helped me rededicate myself to my own acting goals!  I believe that that effective goal setting and vigilant positive thinking are essential to our risk-taking to book jobs.  Therefore, I recommended IGNITE Your Career - the Goals and Success Workshop to all my students.  This very dynamic one-day workshop on goal setting, success thinking, with supportive exercises, is taught in a very 'non-guru' way.  She will get you back on track with tools to pursue your most heartfelt goals.  You implement a strategy… and start practicing successful habits to achieve your goals.  Wendy and her info will get you going!'
Caryn West, Actor/Acting Coach

Since taking the workshop I've (are you ready?) signed with a great agent and have done SIX guest start roles on hit series (two of them huge), one series regular on a pilot, one small part in a MAJOR motion picture starring Owen Wilson, Michael Douglas, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon (Both my scenes were with Matt Dillon) and two national commercials.  So… Thanks.  Wow!  I'm starting my 'Inner Workout' right NOW.

Suzanne Ford - Actress

I walked out the door totally inspired and a different person than when I walked in.  I now have the tools to give myself the opportunities to enjoy my life and career… and ultimately myself!  Thank you so much!
Shirley Jordan - Actor

This was truly a special experience for me.  I came into the workshop, an individual filled with too much self-doubt…and 8 hours later. I can't wait to get out there and make stuff happen.  Thank you.
Chris Whittaker - Producer

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